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  Licensed Brands    
The work of our designers, the competence of our sale staff, the long experience of Lemie in creating unique models: all these characteristics have persuaded important fashion brands to give us the license of production and distribution.

  Lemie is the European market leader in the production of leather products including leather goods, leather goods production, manufacturing leather goods, belts production, Bergamo, Milan, leather production, leather accessories, leather goods, a leading production belts, belts, men belts, women belts, leather belts, leather goods, leather wallets, leather bags, leather processing, leather accessories, leather technology, distributor leather accessories, leather work bags, leather luggage.  
Lemie S.p.A. via Camozzi, 2 - 24049 Verdello (BG) Italy - Tel. (+39) 035 482 27 11 - Fax Tel. (+39) 035 482 27 10 - E-mail: